【The 1st Idol Biography】COCO


Have you ever heard of a Japanese idol group named COCO?


They were an idol group with a truly idol-like appeal that was active in the early 1990s.


In the midst of what was called the “idol winter age,” COCO was undoubtedly a spark that ushered in the next era of idol groups in Japan.

At the time, there was an unprecedented band boom. Many of those who became idol fans were difficult to handle, with one or two quirks. Often, exaggerated cheering would ruin a live performance, but COCO never stopped smiling and kept on singing.

I think they were true idols.

When the idol boom dies down and the mass media stops covering idols, the idols that survive are the real ones.

COCO is definitely a legitimate idol group, and I think they left many great idol songs that will remain in history. 

I won’t say too much, but Rieko Miura’s sweet angelic voice was full of clarity. I will only note this.

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